About San Diego

San Diego is a City within the State of California, 120 miles off Los Angeles. It is the second largest city within the state and the eighth largest in the whole United States. It measures about 372 square miles and is comprised mostly of canyons and hills. Its climate is a very idyllic mild climate that goes almost ear-round enticing visitors from the state and the whole country to enjoy its many attractions.

San Diego remains to have a bustling economy. It has several economic rivers which include:

  1. Military and Defense related Activities. San Diego is home to a huge number of assets and facilities of the United States Navy – particularly in the West Coast. It hosts military bases, naval facilities, as well as headquarters of Defense Contractors who choose to build their ships and submarines in the deepwater harbor of San Diego City.
  2. International Trade. San Diego has one of the busiest ports in the country with its two marine terminals being utilized by international and domestic ships. Cargoes include internationally-shipped containers, Refrigerated and Frozen Cargoes, among other products for import and export. San Diego is likewise home to one of the world’s busiest border crossing. The border it shared with Mexico processes inbound and outbound trucks and trucks of products and services.
  3. Tourism. San Diego is home to many attractions which are mostly family-oriented. Beaches, Parks, Zoos, Museums and Theme Parks continue to encourage families to visit San Diego. Add to that the fun watersports and outdoor activities meant to entertain the whole family.
  4. Research and Biotechnology. The research industry is bustling in San Diego with as much as 140 research organizations that have set up shop in the city.
  5. Information Technology. Wireless Technology companies such as Nokia, Novotel, Qualcomm, LG Electronics, Kyocera International has their headquarters in San Diego City.

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