Good evening, everyone! What do you think of the new look? (If you’re reading this in Google Reader, click on over to see the changes!). Many thanks to Zesty for all his hard work on the new header and site overhaul–the Broccoli Hut is now even more broccoli-tastic.

I have plenty of pictures to share tonight, so I’ll let the food do the talking:

Just a standard choco-berry shake to get my weekend kicked off right.


Since school started in August, I have been having to re-create the goodness of Rachel’s flavored cottage cheese on my own–the Durham Whole Foods now longer carries them. Don’t they know how magically delicious cucumber dill cottage cheese is?




Once I was all showered, I set to work on my paper about fresh vs. frozen fruits and vegetables. I took a short breather half-way through in order to re-fuel myself. That offensively unattractive gray goop is actually white bean-artichoke dip flavored with garlic, oregano, and red pepper flakes.

img_1460 img_1464 img_1466

Several hours later, my paper was complete and I was more than ready for more food. Funny how thinking feverishly while sitting in a computer chair all day can work up an appetite. I used up the rest of my leftover hummus from Elmo’s on Friday night to make an amazing sandwich.

img_1467 img_1471  img_1469

This shake was like a delectable peach cloud. Yummy.


My breakfast this morning featured not one but two of my recent foodie obsessions: pumpkin and raw almond butter.

img_1485 img_1489

Lunch was another batch of Ginger-Peanut Tofu Salad from Everyday Dish.

img_1495 img_1500-1 img_1501-1

Before heading out to chapter this evening, I made a quick bean salad along with some tasty sides to round out the meal.

img_1506 img_1508

Alright, off to prepare for the week!

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